1. Bringing you the best ingredients

On our family's health journey, after being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions, we found that there are few restaurants out there where we can go to eat. To improve our health, we decided to live a 100% chemical-free lifestyle, and only eat food that is organic, and free of gluten and grains.

We created Mission: Heirloom in 2014 so our community would have a place to eat clean, real food that they can trust is organic, gluten-free, chemical-free, nutrient-dense, and most of all: delicious. We wanted to share the incredible benefits to eating clean, nutrient-dense foods, no matter what type of diet you normally eat. 

Before we had our little café, or even had a kitchen, we were busy searching to find Organic Farms to partner with. We got our hands dirty, and were incredibly picky when choosing our suppliers, learning every detail of their operation so that we could build trusting relationships. Everything we source is 100% organic, and we source biodynamic whenever possible. 

2. Testing, testing & more testing.

And before creating any of  the recipes we know and love today, we consulted doctors, nutritionists, and culinary specialists to learn more about what different foods do to our bodies, and how to optimize flavor and health. 

We began creating classic comfort dishes without any of the stuff that slows your body down (such as gluten, grains or legumes) and re-creating them, and re-creating them again. Like any amazing dish, we did not arrive at it right away, and there were many versions created of each product before finding the perfect recipe that is on our menu and shelves today. 

3. Building it out

We spent a long time working on the interior of the café. It took almost a year to renovate the building we now call Mission Heirloom. Almost everything you see inside the café now was either made by hand, or chosen carefully by us. We were very involved in the process, and had an amazing team to make this happen!


After a lot of hard work, and development, we were finally ready to open for business. For us, the process of creation is always evolving. We are a new type of cuisine struggling for identity. At our core, we are a restaurant, but "heirloom" is a way of life. 

YUCAN CRUNCH    Avocado, Coffee, Yucan Crunch