Deliciousness is a nutritional requirement.

Come in and feel the freedom of ordering anything off our organic, gluten & grain free restaurant menu! Our food is about re-imagining traditions, now made with top-notch ingredients to keep passing them forward. Get cozy in our greenhouse featuring an edible garden while we bring out your meal.  




Diet requirements are culinary opportunities.

Our cafe features a marketplace for your convenience. These days we all have some sort of allergy or are testing a specific diet and we know that can be time consuming, but don’t worry, we’re here for you for when you’re in a pinch! Discover our seasonal & hardy veggies, meats, soups and stews packed ready to go.




Slow food and fast food can be friends.

Can’t make it to the cafe? We have you covered here, too! Get made from scratch meals delivered to your doorstep through one of our trusted delivery partners! Convenience doesn’t have to mean letting go of meals that help you feel great. Check out all the options!