Legumes, Soy, Peanuts

a nutrient-intake dilemma  

Legumes are controversial ingredients in ancestral-based diets. While some specialized diets recommend eating legumes in moderation, other Paleo or Primal-style diets suggest foregoing them altogether. To us, diets are just a part of the exploration to finding out what foods fuel your best performance so we have outlined the basics to how legumes, soy, and peanuts affect digestion as an approachable tool to help you decide what role you want them to take in your diet

Gluten & Grains

an in depth exploration

We partnered with doctors, chemists, and nutritionists to be apart of cutting edge research that explores which foods drive cognitive potential, boost mental awareness, and help your overall performance. Eliminating potentially toxic foods that could divert you from your health journey is essential to our mission.

Fats & Oil

dishing out the details

There is no question about it, we need to eat healthy fats to maintain good health. Fats are lipids, a category of macromolecules essential for life. It’s all about choosing the right cooking fat or oil to make that big difference. Certain fats will increase health and performance more than others, and while several oils and fats are great for you, each one needs to be treated in a different way to maximize nutrition and minimize toxicity.

Salt & Spice

& everything nice (and delicious)

We see salts and spices as whole and essential ingredients, certainly not to be forgotten or overshadowed by the meats and veggies of a dish. We take careful consideration of where our salts & spices come from, ensuring the best: high quality, organic, hand harvested, steam sterilized, toxic-free and densely nutritious!