MISSION (mis•sion \’mi-shen\)  an assignment carried out with purpose

HEIRLOOM (heir•loom \’er-,lüm\)  of an original variety worth passing forward




...because it's always possible.

Organic ingredients. Locally sourced. Pasture-raised & grass-fed cows. Omnivorous, free roaming chickens. Wild line and hook caught seafood. Sustainable & low Impact. Cooked from scratch. Good, healthy fats. Scrutinized spices. Mineral-filled salts. Filtered water. Fair & Direct Trade coffee and tea. 


...never in our kitchen.

Cutting corners. Gluten. Genetically modified. Grains. Legumes. Refined Sugars. Farmed Fish. Extracts. Vinegars. Alliums - onion & garlic. Deep fried or unhealthy cooking methods. Microwaved. Canned. Mold. Preservatives. Chemicals and fillers. Aluminum. Plastics. Ammonia or Bleach.