Mission Heirloom was born to erase the lines between delicious, healthy, and convenient. We are a new kind of health food shop and cafe dedicated to the simplest of things -- a deliciously satisfying, nourishing meal everyone can love; made by people that pay attention to all the necessary steps needed to making a truly chemical-free meal.

We are for everyone, from those with specific dietary requirements, to picky kids, to serious foodies. We offer ways to learn about food, health and the best ways to restore, maintain, and enhance harmony--both inside and outside our bodies. 


We consider ourselves a platform built to support your journey to good health and enhanced performance. Most of all, we offer a welcoming place to experience community, grab a bite (to eat in or take home), and enjoy something that will nourish your body and satisfy your tastes beyond any label or specific diet.

At Mission Heirloom, every bite tells a story.

Here, we share the story with you, so you can see that the food on your plate is actually the final step of a whole series of events.




Mission Heirloom is set up as a hub and spoke model. The ‘hub’ is our central kitchen where all the behind the scene magic happens! Our ‘spokes’ are how we reach you, like through our cafe market in the Gourmet Ghetto or our delivery partners.

Our South Berkeley kitchen lab is equipped with cutting edge food safe technology, and non-toxic kitchen supplies, that allows us complete control over the entire food creating process. It’s also where our wonderful recipe-concocting, chill-blasting, freeze-drying, immersion-blending, slow braising, pickling, and all around talented food-crafting team works!


Our mission begins a few steps before cooking and is anchored in the foundation of food systems: the soil and the people tending it. We want to respect the soil, land, and seas that have nourished us so we work on building relationships with those who are expanding the boundaries of sustainability. We seek out responsible operations, like biodynamic farmers who practice regenerative farming methods, for example. Biodynamic farming practices ensure the organic principles like no GMOs, herbicides, or pesticides, but aims to work symbiotically with the land while reducing waste.

We aim to destabilize this fairly new reality of invisible agriculture and bring the amazing work of farmers, ranchers, and environmentally conscious fishers to the forefront! The farms & farmers who supply our food are our most valuable partners. They are vital to our success and the ensurance of the continuity of humankind! There is no doubt that farmers are the new rock stars!

Working with these dedicated farmers makes it pretty easy for us to fulfill our goal of finding the cleanest ingredients possible. Our kitchen lab’s mission is to protect the ingredients’ nutritional value along the farm to fork journey. Our chefs make sure the integrity of the ingredients is upheld by mindfully preparing & cooking them to avoid potential toxins from creeping into your food. To learn more about how and when toxicity can happen during the cooking process, please read our article - How to Prep and Cook Your Best Fuel.

Through relentless recipe development in our kitchen lab, we create our homemade packed-to-go meals as well as our cafe menu items; they are carefully delivered to Mission Heirloom Garden Café, for our cafe team to assemble and serve. Our delicious entrees, snacks, and desserts accommodate many types of dietary requirements, yet satisfy cravings for the tastes and textures people love.

This seriously takes a lot of work, and we do it with an abundance of love and dedication to the mission of health, and in all honesty, there is economic value in every step we take in ensuring the safety of your food. Being committed to buying organic comes at a high price and exclusively sourcing from local, seasonal, and organic farms that pay their employees fair wages is costly. We need your support to create more demand for sustainable farming and clean food to ultimately incentivize a more abundant affordable supply.  


We are in an era where there is a huge divide between food prices. We hear people ask why “this” food is so expensive, when we should be asking why “that” other food is so cheap. Unfortunately, ingredients that sound like chemicals are chemicals; they are the preferred way to cut corners, stuff food with artificial fillers, make food addictive, and trick consumers into believing in unbelievably cheap, “tasteful” treats. In our journey to great health and performance, we don’t have time for that game, we want real food! Therefore our commitment to source the very best seasonal products from biodynamic and organic farms and create tried and true dishes that talk to our most craved traditions reimagined with pure ingredients!



We dream about an upgraded, healthy food system that is mutually beneficial to everyone and everything involved - from the soil to the plants to the farmers to your own human health & wellness. Our cafe stands for three things: great healthy food, great toxic-free ambience, and great replenishing company. It starts with your first delicious bite and ends with expanding your mind.

Mission Heirloom Cafe Garden is a hybrid between a market and a casual restaurant, which means we offer counter service and covered patio seating to enjoy your meal; we’ll still check up on you after we deliver your order in case you want to add some dessert, need extra salt, just want to chat with us about your journey or why we do what we do!  

Mission Heirloom Cafe Garden’s restaurant menu celebrates made from scratch meals that we receive daily from our kitchen lab. At the cafe we use combi ovens, stainless-steel pans and our favorite a top-of-the-line steam chamber called CVap to rethermalize the food in the most delicate way. We use appliances that work in line with our requirements for treating proteins and fat molecules to avoid toxicity and serve you the best quality fresh food possible. These may look familiar, but they are for sure not a microwave.


We choose not to follow a specific cuisine because our focus is on recreating dishes that reimagine our most dear traditions, otherwise lost in health journeys. We consider ourselves a new emerging cuisine looking to define a new identity.

We believe in crunchy, juicy, slurpy, sweet and salty, but when your dietary requirements set hard boundaries, eating as a community can be a bit of a challenge!

We see dietary requirements as culinary opportunities and our menu reflects an inclusive attitude toward health goals. When creating recipes, we use the minimum denominator, like for those who adhere to anti-inflammatory or autoimmune diets, so our diners can order dishes as they are designed to be, without having to sacrifice flavor by substituting or eliminating due to a restriction. For the people on wide-ranging diets, we can easily add extra salt, spices, etc. which we have available upon request. We love to celebrate the magic of a good meal. It is a source of joy and renewal that is fundamental to our human experience!

Other insider tips worth knowing!

  • Our menu is always evolving. Sourcing organic and seasonal produce allows us to  feature dishes that highlight crops' traditional growing periods. We adore following natural cycles of crops and feeling the seasons change. Expect seasonal changes, daily adjustments and even gaps due to farm availability.

  • We have an edible garden featuring three fig trees, 4 varieties of lemon trees, and an avocado tree, tons of herbs, olives, grapes, blueberries, passion fruit, edible flowers, and a bunch of drought-tolerant succulents, which are actually eaten in places like Taiwan!

  • Our greenhouse provides seating and communal tables. They are open to anyone, we love sharing tables and chatting. Come here on a drizzly day--it’s the best place to listen to and smell the rain. (Pssst, it’s the best kept secret in Berkeley!) Our heaters will keep you cozy.

  • We are a restaurant so we don’t offer wifi, but don’t be disappointed! We want to encourage community and a break from the screens. Enjoy the sun or be shaded from the rain under our covered patio!

  • We created our edible garden to serve a purpose. It’s functional--we eat directly from it (which is why we can’t accept dogs in the garden space), but we were also thinking about the kids. This is a place of exploration and a learning environment! Take a tour around our California native garden and see for yourself!

  • We’re really proud of this space and are excited to share it. We host loads of events ranging from book signings to birthdays. Check out our event page for more information.



At this point, we hope it’s clear how dedicated we are to delicious and healthy food. We’re also realistic, and believe that convenience is the ultimate key to transform the way people buy, eat and think about healthy food. Every now and again, we encourage you to eat at home, put your feet up, and relax. But, who said breaks shouldn’t be healthy?


So if you’re too busy to eat-in, but also need some extra help at home -- we get it! That's why we design meals packed-to-go for your enjoyment at home or when you’re running about!  

Mission Heirloom Cafe Garden is outfitted with a market at it’s entrance, where you will find our made from scratch food to go and a bunch of lifestyle products. Our to go items are always jarred in glass vessels, consistent with our war on plastic. We limit plastics to avoid leaching toxins into your food and reduce our environmental impact.

Living toxin-free is a popular lifestyle choice and in order to support your healthy habits, we carry some of our trusted products. From soaps to shampoos; from laundry detergents to cleaning supplies; from deodorants to books; from a selection of healthy snacks to kombuchas, we stock our most adored goodies only after they have passed our rigorous scrutinizing test! We love these products because they’re not only work, are handy and fun, but are free of chemicals!

While our restaurant’s kitchen hours are limited, our market stays open all day. Its function is in tune to a more traditional coffee shop. Feel free to come and grab coffee, tea, and browse the market, and rest easy.   

We invite you to explore a few questions with us. What kind of fuel are you running on? Does it get you where you want to go? As a platform for your health journey, we want to ease the exploration toward your healthy best. At Mission Heirloom, our menu will replenish you, no matter what type of fuel your body needs! Stop by, fill your tank, then go back out there and do the things you do best.

Supporting the Farm-to-Wow-this-tastes-amazing Movement, since 2014 and evolving ever since.

Thank you for your support and involvement,

The Mission Heirloom Team