Bone Broth: A Liquid Healing Agent

While most broths are brown (and some of ours are, too), we actually specially request highly gelatinous bones. In the quest of providing you with as much non-processed bioavailable collagen, we blend all collagen and soft cartilage from the bones back into the broth. An alternative is to use powder form, which would keep the broths more brownish, but we stay as natural and nutrient-rich as we can!

Higher levels of collagen is great for your skin, hair, and repairing leaky gut.

Please remember, when it comes to artisanal food -- no chemicals are used to force the products to look consistent, every batch outcome is different. It is normal to expect an array of color variation from batch to batch. We love the lack of uniformity that our bone broths take. It ensures you that we never use artificial colors, and connects us more to our food; different cows have different bones bearing a variety of muscle!

We can not guarantee that you will always get the precious white broth, but rest assured we will make it every time nature provides us with the opportunity.