The big food news this past week regards a study released in Nature that demonstrated changes in glucose intolerance and gut microbiota in mice that drank water laced with artificial sweeteners. The researchers also began a preliminary look at how the sweeteners effect the human gut, suggesting that the sweeteners have the same affect on humans as on mice. While the human portion of the study was very small (only 7 participants), the results were certainly intriguing and merit much more study. Lay readers have access only to the study summary, but you can find some thorough summaries herehere, and here.

Citrus fruit is a large part of Florida and California's farming economies. Here's a close (and fascinating) look at what organic farmers are doing to protect their orchards against destructive citrus-greening insects—without turning to GMOs or synthetic pesticides.

Bitter flavors can be delicious, and believe it or not, humans crave them.

Do you know the history of your silverware? Check out this awesome history of the fork!

Eater has relaunched a new design for their food- and restaurant-focused site. To kick off their launch, they've put together a wonderful slideshow of inspirational world-changing food advice from some of the country's best chefs.

Is your meat in season?

If you live in Berkeley, you should pay particularly close attention to one item on the November ballot—a proposed tax on sodas. Catch up on the details on Berkeleyside.

In your video break for the day, witness the battle of Cross Fit vs. Yoga.